# Dust—All’s Yellow

Safeguard them nigh, and me, within your reach—

A child's prayer before he goes to bed,

The twice-chewed cud of empty prattle speech

Before his throat is clutched in claws of dread.

Oh, yes, the world has laws by which it's run

In mulish bondage to its master's plan.

But justice! Where is justice? There is none!1

Condemned to live in vain and die is man,

For he alone has knowledge of his fate,

And will to will the world as it is not.

For every day's tomorrow must he wait,

And every yesterday relive in thought.

And me, O God, whose death will come too late,

You may destroy, completely extirpate.

# Footnote

1: See Job 6-7. Job responds to Eliphaz, saying that while the world may be orderly, it lacks justice.

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