# Dust—All’s Yellow

"Lament some other human tragedy,"

Replies my final friend.  "No more assault

Our ears with self-indulgent threnody

For losses which, in truth, are your own fault.1

You did not rail against divine decree

While basking in your health and wealth and name;

Now just conviction makes you disagree.

Vituperate yourself, for you're to blame.

You planted vetch, and now would harvest grape,

Sinned secretly, now innocence declaim.

The honey-crusted oozings that you scrape

Make evident your guilt, if not your shame.

Confess. Repent.2 No longer desecrate,

Lest man believe that he is thrall to fate."

# Footnotes

1: See Job 11. Job's third comforter, Zophar, directly challenges Job's claim of innocence, and tells him that his misery is a just punishment for Job's wickedness.

2: Confession precedes repentance. See Proverbs 28:13.

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