# Dust—All’s Yellow

"You may destroy, completely extirpate,"

Replies the second friend, "That final spark

Still glowing in your soul, ascribe to fate

The recompense of man, and in your dark

Cascade deny the light.1  This you may do

Oblivious to truth.  The blind deny

The light while staring at the sun—and you

Howl 'Justice!' just as justice you defy.

Yet consequence is plain to see for all,

Unscrolled in time, writ large and fair, condign.

Your scroll, though now a smudged and angry scrawl,

Could be a palimpsest of your design.

Your plaint is common, shameful, and untrue.

Erase the yellowed parchment, start anew."

# Footnote

1: See Job 8. Job's second comforter, Bildad, argues that there is in fact justice in the world, implying that Job may not be as innocent as he claims.

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