# Oh Zealots So Red

Delay no moment longer.  Take me now

To see the men at arms who guard the land...1

You soldiers know what threats we face, and how

To fight.  Now shout:  United! Arms in hand!

Our enemies would cut our land in two,

Would spill our babies' blood, and their war cry

Would rend the air.  But this they will not do!

Let us shout:  United! Arms held high!

United shall we pacify our land

From Dan unto Beersheba,2 and our reach

Extend from our great river to the strand

Where pummel salty waves upon the beach.3

One God!  One land!  One people without breach,

Oh let us be!  United!  Arms outreach!

# Footnotes

1: Solomon addresses his army.

2: See I Kings 5:5.

3: See Joshua 1:4.

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