# Oh Zealots So Red

So cold a night, and none to warm my bed1

But you, a youthful stranger hired to spend

The night, to hear my stories dear and dread,

And nod and wonder too when will it end.2

I killed a giant once,3 six cubits high

Or more,4 cut off his bloody head and raised

It by the hair.5  But surely that's not why—

O Absalom!  God's anger also blazed

Against the baby.6  Better I should die.

O Absalom!   I'll go to him; he will

Not come to me.7  Michal, would you deny

A king?8  Oh, Jonathan, my escort still?9

I see you gathered, all, through murky haze.

So long a night, I scarce recall the days.

# Footnotes

1: David addresses Abishag the Shunammite.

2: See I Kings 1:1-4.

3: David's mind begins to drift as he lay dying.

4: See I Samuel 17:4.

5: See I Samuel 17:51.

6: See II Samuel 12:18.

7: See II Samuel 12:23.

8: David experiences terminal hallucinations. See II Samuel 6:20.

9: See I Samuel 20:41-42.

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