# God’s Blue Throne

Up to us, the sparks to reunite

Into a realm of holiness on earth;

To raise, redeem, the scattered shards of light

Inherent, hidden in apparent dearth;

To gather them and us upon a shore

Whose edge of blue abuts a sunless sea;1

And send them soaring homeward; to restore

To each the place where it was meant to be.

Each particle of light, a wave is too,2

And interferes with others in its course.3

To whom send such a message? Replies who?

Detected and reflected by what force?

And yet—like angels calling each to each,4

Evoked by love, the waves caress the beach.5

# Footnotes

1: Earth is a mostly blue sphere surrounded by a vast expanse of empty space.

2: A fundamental principle of quantum mechanics is that a photon behaves like a particle or a like a wave, depending on how it is observed.

3: The interference of light waves can encode information, as in holography.

4: See Isaiah 6:3.

5: The divine reply reaches the interface of life and lifeless space.

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