# God’s Blue Throne

Nature's lord He sets, the man and wife,

Into a paradise of their demesne,

But disobedience1 and causeless strife2

Expel them to the thrall of death and pain,3

She, to bear her cyanotic young,

In clutch-throat anguish whisper, "Breathe, my child!"

And he, amid the brow-sweat, mud, and dung,

Dethroned as Eden's king, to tame the wild.

And yet...the source of blessings nonetheless

Ordains a day when tribulations end,

A day that man or God or both may bless,

And spirit over matter yet transcend:

No more weak days4 in grubbing futile quest;

Evermore and more, God grants us rest.

# Footnotes

1: An homage to the first line of Milton's Paradise Lost.

2: See Talmud Bavli Yoma 9b. "The Second Temple...was destroyed because of the gratuitous hatred that existed there."

3: See Genesis 3:23.

4: "Weak days" is a homonym of "week days."

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