# God’s Blue Throne

Roaring beasts on land, with speech unblessed,

Exemplify in awe their Maker's might,

While humble creatures likewise manifest

The attributes that honor the upright.1

In modesty the cat heeds nature's call.

The ant will not purloin his fellow's grain.

In chastity the dove instructs us all

In how to mate for life, and so remain.

The rooster, in his wooing of the hen,

Reveals the innate wisdom that he knows—

Within a turquoise palace or a pen—

That every cock should coo before he crows.

God's providence extends, like His decrees,

Over all His creatures, land and seas.

# Footnote

1: See Talmud Bavli Eruvin 100b. "Had not the Torah been given, we would have learned modesty from a cat, not to commit theft from an ant, not to commit adultery from a dove, and the proper manner of conduct for marital relations from a rooster, which first appeases its mate and then has relations with it."

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