# Dust—All’s Yellow

Lest man believe that he is thrall to fate.

Or history unfurls without an aim,

I call on God.  Appear—and advocate

My claim of innocence.  Or if You blame

Me for transgressions, state Your case.1  Remind me

Of Your storied truth, at last reveal

Your hidden justice, tell me why You grind me

Like a pollen grain beneath Your heel.

You are one, alone, unique in awe;

I am one, alone, unique in woe.

Establish justice, melding truth with law,

Not just in lofty heights, but here below.

Duplicity deny and faith renew.

One is ever one and never two.

# Footnote

1: See Job 13:17-23. Job continues to plead his innocence and demands that God respond to his testimony.

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