# Oh Zealots So Red

Only once, this dark, this moonless night1

He reached out, quite by habit—she was gone,

Who'd shared his bread, his cup, his bed.2  Delight

Itself the thief had grabbed. What's to be done

To such a one, my king—how do you hold?

Yes, justice will proceed just as you plan;

He merits death, must compensate fourfold.3

Now one more thing, my king:  You are the man!4

Anointed one of God, you have forsaken

God, and pampered evil in your heart.

Now from your sundered house will four be taken,5

The blood-stained dripping sword will not depart.6

When justice to the battlements will reach,

The barren walls reverberate a screech.

# Footnotes

1: Nathan addresses David.

2: See II Samuel 12:3.

3: See II Samuel 12:5-6. See also Exodus 21:37.

4: See II Samuel 12:7.

5: See Talmud Bavli Yoma 12b. In fact, four were indeed taken from among David's offsprings: Bathsheba's first-born child, who died in infancy (II Samuel 2:18); Tamar, who was raped (II Samuel 13:14); Amnon, who was murdered in revenge by his half-brother (II Samuel 13:29); and Absalom, who died in a war of rebellion against his father (II Samuel 18:14-15).

6: See II Samuel 12:10.

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