# Oh Zealots So Red

As paradise regained swells into reach,1

He rouses horded treasure of my scent.

The seed that lies within a ruby peach,

So was my hero husband in my tent.

But now you hike your tunic,2 raise your leg

Like mongrel dogs that piss against a wall.3

My daddy earned respect you cannot beg,

Nor ever did he stoop to be so small.4

You were not fit to even touch his hem.

How dare you snip his cloak5—a king like him!

Your beddings, cold, deny you and condemn.6

He was the bridegroom in my chamber dim,

And I the virgin princess clad in white.

"Let there be light," He said. And there was light.

# Footnotes

1: Michal's thought are indicated by italics.

2: Michal addresses David. See II Samuel 6:16.

3: See I Samuel 25:22. The phrase משתין בקיר is sometimes translated as "a dog," but literally means one who pisses against a wall.

4: Saul was unusually tall. See I Samuel 9:2.

5: See I Samuel 24:5.

6: See I Kings 1:1. See also Talmud Bavli Berachos 62b: "Whoever dishonors clothing will in the end not have use of them."

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