# Oh Zealots So Red

Hear songs of love, and poetry recite—1

And still you'll not escape your rival's hand;

That son of Jesse will not cease to fight

Until he seize your crown, your throne, your land.2

And tell me, now, where is your sword, your bow,

Your robe which showed your place above the ranks?3

Not traded for a death blow from the foe—

Much worse: you swapped them for a shepherd's thanks.

Ungodly gift,4 a man who pulls down shame

On all our tribe—my son!  Oh what a fall

Is yours. You could have been a king, a name

To long endure. You could have had it all:

Kings to crawl and grovel to your might,

Zither, myrrh, red wine—ev'ry delight.

# Footnotes

1: Saul addresses Jonathan.

2: See I Samuel 20:30-31.

3: See I Samuel 18:4.

4: The name Jonathan means "God has given."

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