# God’s Blue Throne

Grandiloquent,1 creating with just2 speech,

The echo of His first substantial3 word,

Extending from creation's farthest reach

Suffuses our blue world, and still is heard.4

Its symmetry, established from the first,

Gives witness to inflation's breathless run,5

When all that is, or ever will be, burst,

When all the universe, like God, was one.

But now the echoes' waves are nearly still,

Perhaps would be the absolute of cold,6

If God did not observe them by His will,7

And constantly rejuvenate the old.

We too exist, Lord, only in Your sight,

O God, whom angels praise by day and night,

# Footnotes

1: The first word of the poem is itself grandiose to suggest the grandeur and eloquence of the word by which the world was created.

2: Throughout most of this book, the word "just" is ambiguous as to whether it means "rightful," "merely," or both.

3: The first words—"Let there be light"—created substance.

4: The background cosmic radiation is the observable remnant of the Big Bang.

5: The observable universe is remarkably uniform on a large scale. Since distant parts of the universe cannot communicate within the time since the Big Bang, this uniformity is evidence that the universe expanded explosively in an inflationary period shortly after the Big Bang.

6: The temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation is less than three degrees (Celsius) above absolute zero.

7: One of the tenets of quantum mechanics is that a quantum level event transitions from potential to actual only upon observation.

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