# God’s Blue Throne

The land is blanketed with grass and trees

But briefly. Then within its shroud of snow

It lies entombed in ice amid the freeze,1

Inert, dim light above, and none below.

Its lifeless monuments, the craggy heights,

Hold sway above the silent ice-draped plains,

While fossils of forgotten trilobites

Erode into unnumbered limestone grains

And blow to sea. But ah! the sea, the sea!

The sea has ever lived, has never ceased.

Its plankton exhale life at God's decree;2

Its depths provide our food and promised feast.3

God makes the sea abundant, vital, rife;

He fills the azure seas with teeming life.

# Footnotes

1: This poem describes the Ice Age.

2: The primary source of oxygen in the atmosphere is plankton.

3: See Talmud Bavli Bava Basra 75a. "The Holy One, blessed is He, will one day make a meal for the righteous from the flesh of the Leviathan."

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