# Dust—All’s Yellow

Unstinting and severe, the hands that smite,

That strangle the newborn with its own cord,

That justify injustice with just might:

I summon now to justice nature's lord.1

I witness—I alone am left to tell—

That ten were wrenched like fingers from my hands

And crushed together, buried where they fell,

Entombed beneath the stones and yellow sands.2

No daughter's corpse was left me to inter,

Nor son to bury me.  Ten children—dead!

Then came my friends to comfort, to confer

Their peace on me.3  "God's ways are just" they said,

"He rules the world with justice and with might."

Such justice, and its judge, do I indict.

# Footnotes

1: See Job 10:1-7.

2: See Job 1:18-19.

3: See Job 1:11-14.

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