# God’s Blue Throne

Evoked by love, the waves caress the beach.1

The beach, in turn, yields grain by grain her sand,

Like lovers wrapped in rapture, each in each:

The ageless love of water and of land.

In tidal pools, in basins, in the muds

Of swamps and marshes, prairies soaked with rain,

In gullies gouged by angry ancient floods,

Here life may start, and end, and start again.2

Beneath the frost-tipped lilacs, earth is rife

With musty germinations. The untold

And ceaseless, restless writhing of new life

That stirs amid the rank decay of old

Lies hidden, fecundation no one sees:3

The land is blanketed with grass and trees.

# Footnotes

1: See Genesis 1:9. The dry land appeared as a result of the gathering together of the waters of the sea, thereby also creating waves on the shores of dry land.

2: Biologists believe that terrestrial life evolved from sea creatures in littoral zones.

3: Human fecundation too lies hidden under blankets.

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