# God’s Blue Throne

Safeguard them nigh, and me, within Your reach.

Safeguard these sparks primaeval, holy sparks1

Suffusing all the world, a world in each,

All top and bottom strange and charming quarks.2

Safeguard the scintillation3 tinted green4

Which spans between creation and the pit.

Safeguard the holy glue5 that binds unseen

Hadrons,6 heaven—songs done7 and songs unwrit.

Safeguard us too as we fulfill the task

To elevate the sparks from matter coarse,

To blow on glowing embers, and to bask

In light reborn returning to its source.

Safeguard us. We repair a wall first breached8

Before the force of nature was unleashed.

# Footnotes

1: It is a basic tenet of Lurianic Kabbalah that in the pre-temporal era of creation, God sent forth ten vessels of holy light, but the vessels shattered, scattering their sparks throughout the mundane world. The Ari (Rabbi Isaac Luria, 1534-1572) taught: "There is no sphere of existence, including organic and inorganic nature, that is not full of holy sparks which are mixed in with the kelippot [husks], and need to be separated from them and lifted up."

2: Quarks are elementary particles and a fundamental constituent of matter. There are six types of quarks, known as flavors: up, down, strange, charm, top, and bottom.

3: The process of scintillation is one of luminescence whereby light of a characteristic spectrum is emitted following the absorption of radiation.

4: The green Earth exists as a temporal and spatial oasis between Creation and the final collapse of the solar system.

5: Quarks are bound together by elementary particles called gluons to form neutrons or protons.

6: Hadrons are elementary particles comprised of quarks and other elementary particles.

7: An *homage* to the poetry of John Donne.

8: See Isaiah 58:12. "Ancient ruins will be rebuilt through you, and you will restore generations-old foundation; and they will call you 'repairer of the breach' and 'restorer of paths for habitation.'"

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